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Different Types Of Flooring

Different Types Of Flooring

Different Flooring Types Sri lanka

There are several considerations to make while designing or renovating a home. Because floors play a significant role in your daily life, it’s crucial to take your time choosing the best one. You will learn more about many types of flooring after reading this article.


You can use marble, a naturally occurring material, in home construction. Because marble comes in a range of colors, including pink, grey, and white, in addition to being associated with wealth and richness, it is one of the more popular flooring options for houses.

The material may last for more than 25 years and is rather simple to maintain. It is also highly porous. It is the ideal flooring for home interiors because of these qualities. However, some inferior stones have a propensity to become yellow with time. This form of flooring is expensive and scarce compared to other sorts because to its natural occurrence, and many Asian households view it as a sort of status symbol.


One of the most popular forms of flooring in use today is vinyl. It is yet another adaptable choice that is offered to those who desire trendy choices at a reasonable price. You can purchase Vinyl for your flooring in reasonable cost and is widely available in designs that offer hardwood and stone finishes. This is one of the most resilient flooring options since it is water- and stain-resistant.

While vinyl flooring may be the finest option for home interiors, it needs particular maintenance to prevent scuffs. Vinyl is the best option for anyone searching for a warm substance that mimics the appearance of cold flooring materials like stone. One disadvantage of Vinyl is it can be subjected to discoloration when it comes in touch with Rubber.


Hardwood is one of the main flooring options. Hardwood flooring is a high maintenance but popular choice for interior design. You can have them in strips, planks, and parquet designs. If you take good care of your hardwood flooring, it might last quite a while. It goes with a number of decorating styles and is available in several natural tones including walnut and cherry.

Despite being more expensive than some other options for flooring, hardwood flooring is nevertheless a common choice for its visual appeal. These kinds of flooring solutions occasionally develop sounds, creaks, and squeaks due to wear and strain.


Granite is a classy choice in terms of flooring materials. Granite flooring can add a touch of refinement to any environment. It is a naturally occurring stone that is available in a range of colors on the Sri Lankan market. This is one of those flooring choices that is quite simple to maintain because of its strong stain-resistance and durability. To prevent scratches, all that is necessary is protection. Stone is among the best flooring for business buildings since it maintains its cool temperature throughout most of the year.


One of the most popular forms of flooring in Sri Lanka is concrete. Concrete is a mixture of cement, pebbles, granite slivers, and other elements that has been created by man. Concrete flooring is solid and among the most long-lasting forms of flooring.

Except for minor chipping and scratches from normal wear and tear, concrete flooring is known for its damage-resistant quality. Moisture, however, can harm this floor by causing cracks and craters. Modern Sri Lankan homes include concrete flooring options in a variety of colors and patterns.


Terrazzo is one of the flooring options to look into; it is made up of marble and granite chips that are mixed with concrete or other materials. These kinds of flooring, often known as “mosaic flooring,” are strong enough to endure the test of time. They were common in bygone eras, so you may recall them from trips to certain old houses and mansions. These conventional tiles have been modernized and are now stain- and maintenance-resistant.

Red oxide

Red oxide flooring is a popular choice for flooring because of its exquisite and timeless appearance. Red oxide flooring are particularly popular in warm and tropical regions because they are simple to maintain. Other varieties of red oxide, such as green, blue, yellow, and black, have grown in favor recently. These flooring options require professional masons to install, though, and are rather challenging.


One of the most enduring, fashionable, and modern forms of flooring for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways is tile, which we like to no end.

With tile, the options for patterns, finishes, and colors are virtually limitless, opening you a whole new world of décor possibilities. It requires careful consideration since the perfect tile’s design, shape, size, and even installation technique may improve a tiny area and bring warmth and individuality. Since there are so many alternatives for tile in terms of quality, texture, pattern, and color, it might be necessary to consult an interior designer or architect.


Notably in bedrooms, carpet is a preferred flooring option for homeowners. It is available in a range of shades, materials, and textures. Over time, carpet technology has advanced, and contemporary carpets now contain stain-resistance features. Additionally, it is the market’s least expensive flooring alternative.

The kind of material and thickness of the carpet padding affect the cost of carpet installation.

What Is i-Plus Flooring and Why Is It So Special?

I-Plus Flooring is in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards. I-Plus Flooring is a fantastic alternative that provides timeless beauty and durable performance. I-Plus Flooring options are perfect for moist locations, residential settings, and commercial settings. This item is a must-have for a fantasy home because it comes with notable features including water resistance, fire resistance, eco friendliness, and wooden appeal.

Wrapping Up

When creating a house, you should pay close attention to the flooring area since flooring adds elegance to your interior. After reading this post, we hope you have enough knowledge to choose the finest flooring option.