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What Are The Pros of PVC Ceiling Panels?

What Are The Pros of PVC Ceiling Panels?

Pros of PVC Ceiling Panels?

Sivilima.lk introduces i-Panel, the brand, a fantastic line of environmentally friendly goods made in accordance with ISO 2001 – 14001 certification that are very eye-catching & trendy to adorn the ceilings required in both private residences and business establishments. Thanks to the i-Panel series’ mix of PVC and calcium carbonate, your ceiling will be durable.

The Varieties of PVC Ceilings That Sivilima.lk Offers

  • Finishing Ceiling
  • Flat ceiling
  • B-Groove ceiling
  • U-Groove ceiling
  • V-groove ceiling
  • 2×2 ceiling

What Are PVC Ceilings?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ceilings, also known as vinyl ceilings or plastic ceilings, are a type of ceiling material that is made from a synthetic plastic polymer. PVC ceilings are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings as an alternative to traditional ceiling materials such as plaster or wood.

Overview of PVC Ceiling

PVC ceilings are typically made by extruding a mixture of PVC resin, stabilizers, and other ingredients through a die to create a sheet of material. The sheets are then cut into panels or tiles and molded with various designs and patterns. PVC ceilings are often used to cover existing ceilings or as a replacement for dropped ceilings in commercial buildings.

PVC ceilings have several advantages. They are durable and resistant to water damage, moisture, and insects. They are also easy to install, low maintenance, and affordable.

PVC ceilings come in various styles and designs, including tiles, panels, and planks, allowing for flexibility in choosing a ceiling that complements the overall design of a space. Additionally, PVC ceilings can help to insulate a space and reduce energy costs, making them a good choice for homes and buildings in cooler climates.

Overall, PVC ceilings are a practical and cost-effective choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

You can apply PVC ceiling Panels for,

  • Cafes
  • Cinema
  • Bedroom
  • Restaurant
  • Living room
  • Kitchen room
  • Meeting room
  • TV Room
  • Lobby Ceiling
  • Commercial places
  • Night clubs, etc.

These ceilings have several advantages that make them popular for residential and commercial spaces. 

Here Are Some Pros of PVC Ceilings

01. PVC Ceiling Panels Have a Long Lifespan

PVC ceilings are built to survive for a very long time. These ceiling replacement panels are made of Polyvinyl chloride, which guarantees their durability for at least 10-15 years. Bring you a sequence of long-lasting ceilings, much like i-Panels. If you keep it properly, you will only require one ceiling for the whole of your life.

PVC ceiling panels will survive longer since termites won’t be attracted to them the way they are to timber ceilings, which means they will live longer overall.

The panels receive a hard top layer that helps shield them from dents and scratches. Additionally, PVC ceiling panels won’t rust or become brittle when cleaned using chemical cleaners. Due to the protective coating’s ability to prevent chemical seepage into the panels, they won’t fade soon.

Although these panels have thick and thin variants, their quality and endurance are unaffected by their thickness. The durability of thinner panels is equal to that of thicker panels. Additionally,

they are not made to appear bulky.

02. PVC Ceiling Panels Have a Variety of Design and Type Options

PVC ceiling panels are incredibly adaptable; you may get various designs, shades, and themes to complement your aesthetic.

There are basic panels, traditional or historical motifs, or even geometric and luxurious designs that go with any theme or color palette without costing a fortune.

Since so wide PVC varieties have been designed to imitate hardwood ceilings, if you get ones with a duller surface, it could be challenging to identify whether your ceilings are made of natural wood or PVC.

The ability to personalize the panels you want is what makes these PVC panels so special. For your house, Sivilima.lk offers a variety of designs such as Burma Teak, Teak, Silver Line, Rich Brown, SAP wood, White Wood, and others.

Therefore, you always have the opportunity to choose another alternative if you change your mind about the style or color of the paneling after several years or if you’re remodeling and want a different color scheme.

03. Maintenance is Simple With PVC Ceiling Panels

PVC ceiling panels have one feature you’ll love: they only need a little upkeep to stay beautiful. People prefer to avoid cleaning their ceilings since this takes time, and it’s not always simple to climb up there, but PVC panels make cleaning much easier.

The only maintenance required is occasionally washing the ceiling with a towel dipped in soapy water because dust doesn’t stick to the panels. This is the only ceiling panel that is more complex to maintain.

04. Waterproof PVC Ceiling Panels

The waterproof nature of PVC ceiling panels is one of their outstanding features. The exterior protective covering prevents water from penetrating. As a result, if your roof leaks, you won’t have to worry about your ceiling being destroyed because you can wipe them dry without risking harm to the panels.

Other advantages of waterproof PVC ceiling panels include that they won’t develop mold and mildew like other gypsum or wooden panels. Plus, they will only decay like wooden ceiling panels if there is enough moisture or a roof leak.

Unlike wood and gypsum panels, they won’t swell or shrink when wet. I-Panel has provided you with the most excellent selection of waterproof ceilings since they are aware of your need.

05. Easy Installation of PVC Ceiling Panels

PVC ceilings are simple to install, and you might do it yourself. Take all the essential dimensions of the ceiling before you begin, and then scale the panels accordingly. We make sure that when it comes to i-Panel, you won’t have to worry about a messy installation.

06. The Lightweight PVC Ceiling Panels

Because PVC ceiling panels are lightweight, they won’t be weighed down by the original ceiling. They are lighter than other types of ceiling panels, which is helpful while installing them. Also, because they are lightweight, they won’t warp or bend over time, unlike heavier ceilings that may do so when gravitation is at work.

Now Up to You

As you can see, i-Panel ceilings showcase all the qualities a good PVC ceiling needs. The company makes sure about the quality, durability, affordability, and all the other qualities with their ISO 2001 – 14001 certification. If you need a ceiling with all the qualities mentioned above, why don’t you visit Sivilima.lk